We’re here to help YOU

Have you ever needed a little time for yourself – for a date, a night with friends, a meeting, a workout, even a sunny walk in the park -- but found that it was such a hassle to get a sitter that you just didn’t bother? Join the club.

Sure, you have sitters. But by the time you text one, wait for a response, then call another, lose a day waiting for the call back, email someone else…you know the drill. So you stay home. Being all-parent, all-the-time leaves you feeling like a one-dimensional human being -- not to mention run-down and stressed out! That’s not the best frame of mind when it comes to parenting.

A happy parent is a good parent

At SitterScout, we think that “me time” allows you to fill yourself up, refresh, recharge and can ultimately make you a happier, better parent. There are millions of sites out there about kids and family. This one is for YOU. Our mission at SitterScout is to simplify and accelerate your sitter logistics (babysitters, petsitters, housesitters, whatever you’ve got!) so that you will take the time you need.

Who We Are

We are parents. Parents who dearly love our children, but occasionally need time away – for play, for friends, for work, for fun! We found that the sitter scheduling craziness was preventing us from getting out. We also found each other.

With shared passion for the concept and highly complementary professional experience, we decided to take SitterScout mobile and share it with the world! The idea was hatched and we’re now reaping the benefits of quick sitter scheduling. (We’re probably out having fun right now!)

Travis McElfresh

Travis is currently the Chief Technology Officer at Mindbloom (www.mindbloom.com). Prior to joining Mindbloom, he has played CTO and Product leadership roles at both large and small organizations including InfoSpace, msnbc.com, OneCast and Xbox. He enjoys programming SitterScout very late at night and on weekends. (His wife does not love this.)

When he’s not Mindblooming or SitterScouting, Travis uses his “away” time to sing Karaoke, tend to his bees, build houses for his ducks, whitewater raft down gnarly rivers and fish for Salmon in British Columbia and the Puget Sound. Travis is married with 13 and 11 year old sons.

Travis’ fondest SitterScout moment to date was testing early code for SitterScout and much to his surprise, he booked a sitter in 90 seconds. (His wife does love this!)

Catherine Captain

Catherine is a partner at Cantadora Communications. She has been General Manager for TODAYshow.com, VP of Marketing for msnbc.com and head of Marketing Research at USA TODAY.

Catherine deeply covets her “me time” and occasionally uses it to go to the movies, indulge in a mani/pedi with a gossip magazine, and serve on the board for the Make a Wish Foundation. Her hubby is president of the PTA and their daughters are 11 and 9.

Catherine’s favorite SitterScout usage thus far was to secure a weekend dogsitter for her 13 year old golden retriever in less than 3 minutes.

Inspired by our mission? Pining for your own time away? Get started now at www.sitterscout.com, schedule your sitters in seconds, and get out and about!